Legal Agreement: Terms of Service

Hey there coworking pals!

Sharing an open office or workspace can be a blast, but sometimes it can be challenging to keep everyone happy and productive. To help us all get along swimmingly, let's set up some ground rules for a respectful environment.

  1. Respect the Need to Work We're all here to hustle and get things done, so let's respect each other's work time. If someone looks busy, avoid starting a conversation or ask if it's okay to interrupt.

  2. Minimize Distractions Let's keep the distractions to a minimum, so we can all stay in the zone. Use headphones for music, podcasts, and videos, keep phone conversations to designated areas, and save loud conversations for after-work hours. 

  3. Have Meetings in Designated Areas We don't want to disrupt our fellow coworkers, so let's have meetings in designated areas like conference rooms or social spaces.

  4. Stay Organized With our desks in plain sight, let's keep things tidy to avoid encroaching on each other's space. Keep your items only on your own desk.

  5. Respect the Space of Others Speaking of space, let's be mindful of each other's personal space. Keep your items out of their space, and ask before borrowing items.

  6. Respect Privacy We all deserve privacy, so let's avoid peering over shoulders or eavesdropping on conversations. Give each other some personal space and respect each other's privacy.

  7. Avoid Strong Smells While we all love a good perfume or tasty lunch, strong smells can be a bit overwhelming in a shared space. Let's avoid strong-smelling foods, perfumes, or lotions, and keep personal hygiene in check.

  8. Stay Home if You Are Sick No one wants to catch your germs, and sneezing and coughing can be super distracting. If you're feeling under the weather, please stay home. 

  9. If You Have an Issue, Address It Politely We all have our quirks, and sometimes they can be a bit distracting. If someone's behavior is bothering you, try to talk to them calmly and politely. If you don't feel comfortable addressing it yourself, please let the manager know. Don't let it fester and potentially cause bigger issues.

  10. Listen to the Concerns of Others If someone approaches you with a concern or noise complaint, let's work together to find a solution. We're all in this together, so let's have each other's back.

Cheers to a fun and productive coworking experience!